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1970 BSA B25 Starfire

Static and onboard footage of my BSA Starfire - lots of fun!

Emergency stops on the BSA Bantam B175

Improving SLS brakes and performing emergency stops - the Bantam is the guinea pig!


Repairing a Smiths 80mm RSM magnetic tachometer

Dismantling and then calibrating a Smiths RSM magnetic tachometer

Riding a 1966 Triumph 3TA

A gentle winter's ride on board the Triumph 3TA

How to do a compression test of a Triumph T100R Daytona motorcycle

Compression testing the Daytona - it reaches 176psi

A walk round the 1970 BSA Starfire

A walk round my 1970 BSA Starfire

Riding the BSA Bantam B175

Onboard footage riding the BSA Bantam B175

Charge and combined Charge/Oil pressure Warning Lights

Charge and combined Charge/Oil pressure Warning Lights

Universal fit Battery / Alternator / Charge Warning Lights

Universal fit Charge Warning Lights