Improving Classic Motorcycles book

"The writing is clear, waffle-free and uncomplicated" - RealClassic magazine

"the perfect companion for anyone new to classic bikes or who prefers to be told in plain English how to fix their machine" - GBC from the review in the March 2009 edition of Old Bike Mart

"All of his fixes employ hand tools only and in essence, put right what the manufacturers should have done in the first place" - Jeff Stone from the review in BMF Rider magazine Dec/Jan 2008/9

"not the usual manual on restoration but on how to improve the ones that you are riding" - from the review in July 2008's edition of Nacelle the Triumph Owner's club magazine

"the sort of development work that could have been done at the factory" - from Rupert Ratio's review in the Star the BSA Owner's club magazine

Magnetic Speedometer Repair book

"This book has helped me successfully repair something I would normally never attempt. So I can recommend it to anyone with a little mechanical knowledge to have a go for themselves" - RealClassic magazine

"... takes the home mechanic through every step, from the initial fault diagnosis ... to the final calibration after a repair has been effected" - GBC from the review in the December 2009 edition of Old Bike Mart

"As with his previous book, these are tried and tested solutions presented in an easy to understand fashion for the DIY mechanic" - Jeff Stone from the review in BMF Rider magazine Oct/Nov 2009

"I would rank this book right up there with Radco’s, The Vintage Motorcyclists’ Workshop" - Royal Enfield owners club of North America

"Fixed my speedo with the aid of this book, excellent pix and a wealth of info.Ta" - a reader who bought through ebay

"Information gold mine!! Easily pays for itself & well put together. MANY THANKS!" - a reader who bought through ebay

Improving Classic Motorcycle Engines book


"it's the perfect addition to any workshop library and an ideal stocking filler" - GBC from the review in the December 2011 edition of Old Bike Mart

"It's this sort of down-to-earth practical advice that can be really useful" - Jeff Stone, Rider magazine winter 2011-12

"great book, perfect descriptions and good suggestions, many thanks from germany" - a reader who bought through ebay

"Item arrived next day. Excellent book...and Service" - a reader who bought through ebay

"Great informative book... Fast Shipping very happy" - a reader who bought through ebay


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Magnetic Speedometer Repair

"'Magnetic Speedometer Repair' A TOP-NOTCH source of much needed technical information including precise calibration short-cuts. Well written with easy to understand photos and procedures that will definitely save you money keeping these instruments working at their best. Don't be dependent on 'shop repairs' any longer with their rediculously expensive price tags. The first repair/calibration you undertake using this manual will more than cover the cost of this comprehensive and informative compilation by Mr. Blighe. As a Triumph owner/rider/enthusiast of 4 decades I have to give this book a 10-out-of-10 rating. I only wish it had been availabe before the corporate money-grubbers got their clutches on me. Better late than never and I'll not be subject to their like ever again!! Thank you Mr. Blighe!!!" - Karl Blumenthal. Sep 28, 2009

"'Magnetic Speedometer Review' A fantascic book that really removed the mystery of working on your own magnetic instruments and gives the confidence to do the job yourself with a minimum of experience. Very clearly written and illustrated by someone who knows what they are talking about. If you restoring a motorcycle with these instruments a very wise purchase indeed! " - anon. Oct 15, 2009

"Excellent book - easy to read and informative. I was quoted £75 to repair my speedo but this book gave me the confidence to tackle the job myself. Has paid for itself many times over." - James Robertson. Oct 4, 2011

Improving Classic Motorcycles

"Great book. Written in a style that is easy to read and informative. I have already made a list of mods to carry out to my two classics. " - James Robertson. Oct 4, 2011

"'Triumph' Good all round advice, and tips. Well thought through, has been useful already." - anon. Sep 9, 2009