Here are links to a few articles I have written for the Gorgeous Biker Chick's (GBC) online blog. GBC is a fantastic ambassador for motorcycling, classic or modern. She writes for Old Bike Mart, has been VMCC Scottish Area Rep and has raised money for charity by being sponsored to visit all of the counties in Scotland (all 34 of them!) riding her Triumph Tiger Cub. And in 2013 she completed the re-enactment of the Gaffers Gallop on her 150cc Triumph Terrier.

Waxoyling for Winter

Waxoyling your bike to protect it through winter

I ride my bikes through the winter and this article shows what I use to protect them from the ravages of winter and how it is applied.

Vee Wipe visor wiper

The Vee Wipe - a windscreen wiper for your visor

I use one of these. They clear rain off your visor better than a gloved finger plus your glove doesn't get wet. A great safety aid!

Linklyfing final drive chains

Linklyfing a final drive chain

Leaving final drive chains exposed to the elements is a daft idea but one many of us have to live with. I protect mine with Linklyfe and here's how I do it.

Foggy Respro mask

The best way to stop visor misting

Visor misting is a perennial problem (at least for us in the UK). The Foggy Respro mask is the best solution I've found to date.